Our History

The idea of developing life skills workshops for street kids, was born when the number of vulnerable children increased in the streets of Tbilisi, in the end of the 90’s of the 20th century.

Few shelters were set up for children under 14-15 but they had to return to the street when they reached the age.

In 1998  Father Giorgi Chachava, a priest from the Church in Tbilisi, named after the Healer Panteleimon and Ms. Lali Meskhi , Head of the UK Development Program (DFID) in Georgia, initiated a project to support life skills and labor habits workshops for street children aiming at their integration in the society.

The non government organization, Association “Mkurnali”, was established in 2000 by the project, aiming at integrating street children and youth into the society.

Three workshops were supported by the British Development Program, where beneficiaries developed various skills and knowledge: enamel/jewelry, computer/electronic repair and hair dresser. Many of those found jobs and avoided going back to streets or prisons; they became valuable members of the society.

Young handicraftsmen brought up in “Mkurnali” manage the enamel workshop since 2005.