The British Embassy Small Grants Scheme funded the three workshops – the first grant.
Computer skills development workshop, funded by the British Embassy Small Grants Scheme and British Council.
Since 2003 "Mkurnali" started legal assistance for the street children, using own funds.
Cars repair and maintenance workshop was opened, funded by the Dutch Embassy.
The project "We are creating the enamel" was funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.
“Mkurnali” organized an enamel workshop at the juvenile prison under the PRI prison reform project.
“Mkurnali” implemented socially vulnerable youth employment project, funded by Tbilisi City Hall.
Vocational Training and Employment for 16-21 year olds project funded by USAID SME Promotion Program.
A sewing workshop was funded by IWA Tbilisi.
Orphanage Social Rehabilitation program was funded by Tbilisi City Hall health care and social welfare services.
Grown up street children and their children's shelter was established, with the Patriarch's blessing and St. Gregory's Foundation (UK) financial assistance.
St. Gregory's Foundation purchased the building for ‘Mkurnali’, where the shelter and workshops are located.
Legal protection of socially disadvantaged youth project was implemented with the Eurasian Development Cooperation Agency NORLAG’s financial support.
Legal assistance to vulnerable youth and children is fully funded by St. Gregory Foundation since 2010. The British St. Gregory’s Foundation made an outstanding contribution in the last decade to "Mkurnali" development and strengthening.